Hello and welcome to Kids Love Colour!

 Kids Love Colour is all about colourful organic cotton clothes. Here's a little bit of background about us:

Fabrics: our stripe fabrics are made in Turkey in a modern family owned factory which cares for their workforce. Our plain brights range is made from fabric knitted and dyed in the UK again in a family run factory.

Manufacturing: All our clothes are designed and made in the UK. Our partner factory is based in Leicester and I visit them on a regular basis. They are a leader in ethical working practices and have a wealth of experienced staff. 

Clothing Design: This is all done in house from our studio in London. I work with a London based pattern cutter to ensure all the clothes are comfortable and practical.

Ultimately we aim to produce lovely organic clothes for your little ones which don't hurt people or the planet. Our next step is to introduce a recycling scheme where out grown clothes can be returned to us.

If you have any questions please do get in touch: kidslovecolour@gmail.com