Kids Love Colour Packaging made from sugar cane!

Before the site went live I did a lot of research about how to best package orders in a sustainable and eco friendly way whilst ensuring they reach our customers in perfect condition.

It's tempting just to rush straight into buying paper bags as they should be more eco friendly. In actual fact the manufacture of paper packaging uses a a huge amount of energy and water and are heavier so transporting them release more CO2 than the plastic equivalent.

There's also the fact that it rains quite a bit in the UK and lots of parcels will be left on door steps and in porches where they get wet.

I looked into biodegradable poly bags however these need certain conditions to actually break down fully and that is difficult to do either through home composting or in landfill.

So if you order from Kids Love Colour your order will be packaged in a bag made from sugar cane!

After refining sugar cane the waste product is processed to make alcohol. This is turned into ethanol which can be made into a polymer (similar to the refining techniques used to make oil based polymers e.g. polythene).

So sugar cane mailers are:
Carbon neutral.
90% degrades within 180 days in the right conditions.
Can be put in food waste bins or garden composters.
Takes up less space and light to transport.
100% recyclable.
Organic Polymer.

Another aspect is to make sure packaging gets re used as much as possible. I am happy for customers to return packaging to us for re use. 

If anyone has any other eco packaging solutions I would love to chat about them so drop me an email at

Karin xoxo