Simple things to do when you need to stay indoors.

Simple things to do when you need to stay indoors.

I know lots of us are having to self isolate so I've put together a list of simple activities that my own kids have enjoyed in the past and can be adjusted depending on the age of your children. There's also links to various resources where you can download resources to use.


Wildflower seed mix - plant in pots or window boxes or in the garden. I've had lovely seeds from but lots of the supermarkets have seeds at the moment.

Plant sunflowers or beans - start the seeds off indoors in some compost. Or try Bean in a Bag. This is a great way for kids to see shoots and roots. The can keep a bean diary of their seed's progress. Instructions here:

Egg head cress - save the eggshells from your baking. Rinse them out and leave to dry. Draw on your egg head's face then fill with a damp cotton wool ball. Sprinkle the seeds on the top. Leave on the windowsill and within a week you'll have cress ready to harvest for your sarnies/salads.


I am sharing my Mum's muffin recipe which is quick, easy and really tasty. You can vary the fillings depending on the fruit you have to hand. It's also relatively low in sugar compared to other recipes. Don't expect big coffee shop style muffins, these are more compact but defiantly nicer than 'shop bought'. 

Fruit muffins. Makes 12.


2 eggs

250 mls of milk

125 mls vegetable oil

125 grams of soft brown sugar

400 grams of self raising flour

Pinch of salt

1/4 teaspoon mixed spice or nutmeg

125 grams of mixed fruit or 75 grams of chopped apple


Using a mixer or a whisk beat the eggs in a bowl for a minute

Add the milk and vegetable oil and mix for 30 seconds

Add the sugar and mix for 30 seconds

Add the flour, salt and spice and mix with a wooden spoon until the mixture becomes a batter. Then stir in the fruit.

Spoon into muffin cases and bake at 200 degrees for 18 - 20 minutes.

They freeze really well too if you have any left.

Vegan friends - try this bad boy apple cake. Really simple for kids to make and so delicious.


Drawing challenge - study an artist and make a reproduction of one of their pictures or make your own masterpiece in their style. The Tate has lots of inspiration:

Make a Collage - use magazines, catalogues, coloured paper, old envelopes, photocopy book pages or sheet music. Tear these into shapes and glue down to create pictures. 

Still life Study - draw or paint a study of a crushed cola can or pepper cut in half or a bowl of fruit. I had to draw all of these at college and they are harder than they look! 

Indoors/Rainy day

Lego challenge:

Write out some cards with ideas on them and ask everyone to choose one at a time e.g. build robots, birds, insects, houses. You can set a time limit and see how many you can build in that time scale.

Card games - my kids love to play Trumps, Go Fish and Yaniv.

Outdoors (if you have a garden where it is safe to be outside when self isolating)


Nature treasure hunt: I have created a really simple version so feel free to take a screenshot and print it out.